Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Islamic Matadores

The struggle with Islam is very much like a bullfight. America the bull, Muslims the matador, the sword Islamic Doctrine, the cape the Taqqiya.

The bull is much stronger than the matador. But the bull is worn down by the picadors who thrust spears into his back, bleeding and weakening the bull. The bull lunges fruitlessly at padded horses, continually wasting its energy, bleeding.

In our case, the picador spears in our back are the distracting and endless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, wasting our blood and treasure. Another spear is the ecological movement which shuts down our energy development and maintains the financial bleeding of the petro-billions to the Gulf States.

But the most detrimental aspect is the cape of political correctness and deception that prevents us from seeing who are real enemy is, or even naming him. It is our blindness that keeps us thrusting fruitlessly at an Al Qaeda enemy and listening to the "Muslim Community Advisors" who assure us "Islam has nothing to do with the violence, so there's no need to study and understand Islamic Doctrine". They warn us repeatedly we mustn't "offend" Muslims but "reach out" to them by giving them more positions in DoD, CIA, FBI, DHS, etc.

Nidal Hasan, the Ft Hood shooter is the perfect example of our "outreach". The President's continual supplications to the Muslims is another.

It's high time America began to strip away this cape of political correctness and deception. This cape conceals the sword of Islamic Doctrine that calls for Jihad against "all non-Muslims until they submit to the Shari'a, pay the jizyah, and are humiliated."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque

To treat the issue as an Amendment 1 Religious issue is to be sucked in by Muslim deception, (the Taqqiya, "Sacred Deception"). The key is Article 6 of the Constitution, which is whether or not The Shari'ah should be the highest law of the land or is it the American Constitution?

Mosques are NOT merely a place of worship: they are also a Community Center, a Court, a City Hall, a recruiting center and training center for Jihadis, and sometimes a weapons storage arsenal, (as the Marines in Fallujah will testify).

All the efforts of the various Muslim groups are directed to imposing the Shari'ah on all mankind! The triumphalist Mosque they want to build in New York is to symbolize the eventual triumph of Islam over the West.

The name of the Mosque is purported to be " The Divine Victory Over the Infidels" Mosque. The name doesn't sound like an effort for ecumenism or bridge building.

Unfortunately, the government is only thinking about the construction jobs and economic impact. They are ignoring the long term effect of allowing our enemies to set up a Jihadi incubator in "The Big Apple".


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