Thursday, April 29, 2010

Proper Sense of Manhood and Christianity

Manhood and masculinity are in shambles in Western Civilization in general, and in America in particular. What is the cause, and what are its results?

John Eldridge in his book "Wild at Heart" has a wonderful model of what's going on. The point that resonated with me is the damage mothers can do to their sons as they try to "protect" them!

For a boy to develop into a man, he needs to explore, to have adventures, and touch on danger. This is why teen age boys ride their bikes in a suicidal manner, why young men become smoke jumpers, do rock climbing, or join the Ranger Batallions.

Mothers that forbid their sons play Army, to ride on the roller coasters, to go out for contact sports, and try to put them in a cocoon of bubble wrap to protect them only emasculate them!

Each boy needs to have bestowed upon him his "Warrior Masculine Heart". Only a Father can do this. But if a Father is not present in a boy's life, or if the boy is being raised in a home in which the mother wears the pants in the family, he never receives his warrior heart! He becomes a "nice boy" that minds his manners and is passive.

Women in their coffee klatches lament "there are no more "real men". Well, when moms raise their sons as women, what do they expect? There is much truth to an effeminate man being termed "a pussy!"

I had a friend Tom G. He was raised in the typical Christian Science home (where the women wear the pants in the family). When he was attracted to a woman, he would try to be a "friend", do unasked favors, send them gifts, etc. But he never had the courage to ask them for a date. He tried to be an ever-present lap dog, hoping for a pat on the head. But the anemic colorless friend is NEVER the one who gets the girl!

Here's the crux: if a boy does not receive his warrior heart from his Father or from a group of elder warriors, if he has no sense of what being a man is all about, he turns to Eve (the woman) to validate him as a man. But there are problems with this.

A woman is drawn to the strength of the man. If he then starts singing "You are my everything" or "I was nothing until I met you", (looking to her for validation) she is chagrined! Instead of finding strength, she finds a little boy hiding his face in her skirt! She either rejects him (and he jumps off a bridge, unvalidated) or marries him (and wears the pants in the family, the Christian Science route). And if sons come of this marriage, the Father has no warrior heart to bestow upon the son! And this is the state of America and the churches today.

Eldridge told of a passive anemic Pastor of the "sweet love of Jesus" school whose son joined the Marines! In hand wringing anguish, the Pastor couldn't understand "where he had failed". Answer: since the Father didn't bestow his Warrior Heart, the son turned to those who would!

What the emasculating church ladies are forgetting: the families, churches and the society need strong men to protect them. Passive emasculated "nice guys" are not the ones who hit the beaches at Normandy. They are not the ones who face death on the Sands of Iwo Jima. And for all the "War is not the Answer" pacifists out there, Japanese militarism and National Socialism weren't defeated by outreach and understanding dialogue. And neither will Militant Islam.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Secular View of Cowardice

To those who believe that the here and now, what one can touch and see is ALL THERE IS, they will cling to their miserable lives at all costs!

These were the ones who exclaimed "We can't stand pat!" during the cold war! They were the ones who avowed "Better Red Than Dead!" Thus, we can see how secularism, rather than being a "liberation" of thought, soon leads to slavery!

The link between faith and freedom is vital. A man who is willing to lay down his life for liberty is the one who gains it. "Those who lose their life for my sake will find it" as it says in Scripture (or thereabouts, since I cannot find the exact quotation right now. Look it up yourself!)

And conversely, "Those who seek to save their lives shall lose it". Certainly the cowards who try to cut deals with the allegator to save their hides are eventually eaten.

Currently, people like George Galloway, who are carrying water for the Islamic Jihadists, are not willing to fight for western Civilization, believing that playing ball with the enemy will save them personally. But a Sheik (and sorry I can't find this citation either) said something to the effect "make friends with them, (meaning us Kuffar)get close to them, so you can kill them!"

The subconscious assumption made by Mr. Galloway is that the Islamists operate under the Christian "Golden Rule"! In its raw essence, if I kiss the butts of the Islamists, they will be nice to me! But that's not the way Islam works!

Islam divides the world in two: Dar al-Islam (world of Submission) and the Dar al-Harb (the world of war). Islam also divides humanity into men and women, and believers and "the Kuffar". Thus, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" does not apply across the divisions. If you are an unbeliever, you must convert or die. If you are a Christian or a Jew, you may have the third option of submitting to the Shari'ah, paying the jizyah, and being humiliated. The fact that you have been kissing butt for awhile, Mr Galloway, doesn't change your option.


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