Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bill Gates Killing the American Dream

Bill Gates is soliciting fellow billionaires to "give away" their fortunes. Why? Because they are buying into the Marxist view that wealth is exploitation, therefore "unjust"! Thus, if they give it away, or use it to support Marxist causes, (as George Soros is doing) then they can appease their "guilt" of being successful!

Even the President, in one of his speeches, encouraged the young NOT to go into business, but into social work, (as this would be a less "selfish" and reprehensible career).

But what happens when America's best and brightest go into bureaucracy or NGO's, and the entrepreneurial spirit for business and wealth formation dies? Wealth that Bill Gates is so intent on giving away, or that the bureaucrats want to redistribute GOES AWAY!

How much better it would be were these billionaires to spend their resources strengthening our entrepreneurial system by venture capital in the third world, as opposed to funding corrupt NGO's who spend most of the resources bribing local officials to do their work, or enriching themselves?

Or what if they funded business schools that would help unleash the wealth building creativity that would end poverty for real? As it stands now, Bill Gates is validating the Marxist notion that success is a crime to be punished.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Report on "Issue Monday", Colorado Christian University

The Guest for "Issue Monday" was Bill Ruggio of "The Long War Journal" Here are some of the recollections of his report:

The "Imirate of Afghanistan" controlls 70% of the country. They have a parallel government, security in their areas and have set up Shari'ah Courts
  • Their fighters rest and recoup in the Sanctuary of Pakistan
  • Ours is a Counter Terrorism (CT) focus instead of the counter-insurgency strategy that controls the ground
  • We have no Afghan partner. Our attempt to build a "democracy" is a failure. Afghanistan has had a generation of war
  • We have some tactical success in Helmed Province and Kandahar, but the Taliban know all they have to do is wait us out since the administration has announced our withdrawal in July.
  • Al Qaeda has a strong presence, at least 60 different cells, information gleaned from the announced raids we've made.
  • The predator strikes have increased markedly. They put some pressure on the leadership, teaching them how to hide. But it created enormous ill -will in Pakistan. Dozens of people are turning up dead in Waziristan: some really are people we've worked with, others only accused of doing so.
  • And finally, Pakistan is the problem! The ISI shelters a collection of Jihadist groups in Waziristan, yet we just gave them $2 Bn. We think that money is the controlling factor, ignoring the more important ideology.


  • Iraq is a bright spot. Things are fairly stabilized, but they still need our presence to counter the international threat. But we will need another decade to build their armed forces. But our announced pull out in July 2011 will undermine everything we've tried to accomplish.
  • The withdrawal paves the way for a civil war funded by Sunni donors on one side and Iranian Al Quds forces and the Shi'a on the other.


  • America cannot face "religion" so we still have no coherent strategy from the mid-level on up
  • The administration's policy is driven by polls, appearances, and the administation's left wing ideology, without realizing in this day and age there is no such thing as a "domestic audience". Our enemies monitor the media very carefully, taking advantage of every bit of information.
  • Wikileaks' Asange is obscessed with "American War Crimes" and has published hundreds of names of Afghanis that have worked with us. The Taliban will merely print out the documents and update their hit lists. It also gives the enemy information on our operational techniques. There was a time when we would have done something about this.
  • General Patraeus is trying to show some progess and sell the idea of more time. But unless we do something about the overall strategy and Pakistan, nothing will change.
  • As the enemy establish their Emirates in Somalia and Pakistan, it will embolden their countrymen living in the West.


  • The goal of the administration is to remove America from its leadership positon and have it disarm, relax and become subordinate to the United Nations. In the Progressive view, war is caused by nation states. If we eliminate nation states with world government, we can have utopian peace in the world. The Progressives cannot and will not see that the UN is run by corrupt dictators.
  • Not only do the Progressives seek a redistribution of wealth within America (Justice IS equality in their lexicon) but between rich countries and poor ones. Massive international transfers of wealth established "international justice" as far as they are concerned.
  • They do not even see the threat of Salafist Islam and its goal of establishing a world-wide Caliphate through Jidad, preoccupied as they are in establishing peace and utopia with wealth re-distribution. Religion and the hereafter as a motivation is considered absurd by Progressives who believe in neither.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Islamic Matadores

The struggle with Islam is very much like a bullfight. America the bull, Muslims the matador, the sword Islamic Doctrine, the cape the Taqqiya.

The bull is much stronger than the matador. But the bull is worn down by the picadors who thrust spears into his back, bleeding and weakening the bull. The bull lunges fruitlessly at padded horses, continually wasting its energy, bleeding.

In our case, the picador spears in our back are the distracting and endless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, wasting our blood and treasure. Another spear is the ecological movement which shuts down our energy development and maintains the financial bleeding of the petro-billions to the Gulf States.

But the most detrimental aspect is the cape of political correctness and deception that prevents us from seeing who are real enemy is, or even naming him. It is our blindness that keeps us thrusting fruitlessly at an Al Qaeda enemy and listening to the "Muslim Community Advisors" who assure us "Islam has nothing to do with the violence, so there's no need to study and understand Islamic Doctrine". They warn us repeatedly we mustn't "offend" Muslims but "reach out" to them by giving them more positions in DoD, CIA, FBI, DHS, etc.

Nidal Hasan, the Ft Hood shooter is the perfect example of our "outreach". The President's continual supplications to the Muslims is another.

It's high time America began to strip away this cape of political correctness and deception. This cape conceals the sword of Islamic Doctrine that calls for Jihad against "all non-Muslims until they submit to the Shari'a, pay the jizyah, and are humiliated."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque

To treat the issue as an Amendment 1 Religious issue is to be sucked in by Muslim deception, (the Taqqiya, "Sacred Deception"). The key is Article 6 of the Constitution, which is whether or not The Shari'ah should be the highest law of the land or is it the American Constitution?

Mosques are NOT merely a place of worship: they are also a Community Center, a Court, a City Hall, a recruiting center and training center for Jihadis, and sometimes a weapons storage arsenal, (as the Marines in Fallujah will testify).

All the efforts of the various Muslim groups are directed to imposing the Shari'ah on all mankind! The triumphalist Mosque they want to build in New York is to symbolize the eventual triumph of Islam over the West.

The name of the Mosque is purported to be " The Divine Victory Over the Infidels" Mosque. The name doesn't sound like an effort for ecumenism or bridge building.

Unfortunately, the government is only thinking about the construction jobs and economic impact. They are ignoring the long term effect of allowing our enemies to set up a Jihadi incubator in "The Big Apple".

Saturday, July 24, 2010

New York JIhad

Think of it: the Muslims blow a hole in New York, then demand we show "tolerance" and allow them to build a Mosque in it! In perspective: were we to drop a blockbuster on Mecca and demand we build a Christian Cathedral in the hole, how do you think that would be received?


Though the Muslims assert they are only exercising their 1st Amendment rights to pray, they are disrupting traffic and shutting down business. This is forcing the Host Kuffar society to "SUBMIT TO ISLAM".

Notice the Police just standing around in the background. Presbyterians don't do such things. They can pray within their Mosques like every other faith group does. The right thing to do would be to bring in the police on horseback with clubs and the fire trucks with hoses and clear the streets. Show them that American society is NOT going to submit. But the Dhimmi NYC Officials are clueless as to what's going on.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Car Bomb in New York City

The VBIED (Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device) did not detonate. But it was sitting outside the HQ of VIACOM, the home of "South Park" the series that dared talk about Muhammad. The Taliban took credit.

The message here is you "Insult Islam at your peril". It is the way Islam is imposing the Shari'ah in this country: through violence and intimidation. It is instructive to define "Insult" (or slander) as it is under the Shari'ah. It means merely saying something that the Muslims find "objectionable" or "something that should not be revealed" about Islam. The key difference is, that the truth or falsity has no bearing on the subject. Under American law, truth is an absolute defense against slander.

It should be clear the impact this will have on Constitutional 1st Amendment Rights! Tariq Ramadan mentioned in words to the effect free speech shouldn't include mocking someone's religion. But telling the truth about Islam is not mockery, (but it would be "slander" under the Shari'ah definition).

It is a travesty that the Progressives, in their zeal to paint Muslims as persecuted victims, are fast foreclosing their own First Amendment rights, upon which they have hung their hat for a generation.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Proper Sense of Manhood and Christianity

Manhood and masculinity are in shambles in Western Civilization in general, and in America in particular. What is the cause, and what are its results?

John Eldridge in his book "Wild at Heart" has a wonderful model of what's going on. The point that resonated with me is the damage mothers can do to their sons as they try to "protect" them!

For a boy to develop into a man, he needs to explore, to have adventures, and touch on danger. This is why teen age boys ride their bikes in a suicidal manner, why young men become smoke jumpers, do rock climbing, or join the Ranger Batallions.

Mothers that forbid their sons play Army, to ride on the roller coasters, to go out for contact sports, and try to put them in a cocoon of bubble wrap to protect them only emasculate them!

Each boy needs to have bestowed upon him his "Warrior Masculine Heart". Only a Father can do this. But if a Father is not present in a boy's life, or if the boy is being raised in a home in which the mother wears the pants in the family, he never receives his warrior heart! He becomes a "nice boy" that minds his manners and is passive.

Women in their coffee klatches lament "there are no more "real men". Well, when moms raise their sons as women, what do they expect? There is much truth to an effeminate man being termed "a pussy!"

I had a friend Tom G. He was raised in the typical Christian Science home (where the women wear the pants in the family). When he was attracted to a woman, he would try to be a "friend", do unasked favors, send them gifts, etc. But he never had the courage to ask them for a date. He tried to be an ever-present lap dog, hoping for a pat on the head. But the anemic colorless friend is NEVER the one who gets the girl!

Here's the crux: if a boy does not receive his warrior heart from his Father or from a group of elder warriors, if he has no sense of what being a man is all about, he turns to Eve (the woman) to validate him as a man. But there are problems with this.

A woman is drawn to the strength of the man. If he then starts singing "You are my everything" or "I was nothing until I met you", (looking to her for validation) she is chagrined! Instead of finding strength, she finds a little boy hiding his face in her skirt! She either rejects him (and he jumps off a bridge, unvalidated) or marries him (and wears the pants in the family, the Christian Science route). And if sons come of this marriage, the Father has no warrior heart to bestow upon the son! And this is the state of America and the churches today.

Eldridge told of a passive anemic Pastor of the "sweet love of Jesus" school whose son joined the Marines! In hand wringing anguish, the Pastor couldn't understand "where he had failed". Answer: since the Father didn't bestow his Warrior Heart, the son turned to those who would!

What the emasculating church ladies are forgetting: the families, churches and the society need strong men to protect them. Passive emasculated "nice guys" are not the ones who hit the beaches at Normandy. They are not the ones who face death on the Sands of Iwo Jima. And for all the "War is not the Answer" pacifists out there, Japanese militarism and National Socialism weren't defeated by outreach and understanding dialogue. And neither will Militant Islam.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Secular View of Cowardice

To those who believe that the here and now, what one can touch and see is ALL THERE IS, they will cling to their miserable lives at all costs!

These were the ones who exclaimed "We can't stand pat!" during the cold war! They were the ones who avowed "Better Red Than Dead!" Thus, we can see how secularism, rather than being a "liberation" of thought, soon leads to slavery!

The link between faith and freedom is vital. A man who is willing to lay down his life for liberty is the one who gains it. "Those who lose their life for my sake will find it" as it says in Scripture (or thereabouts, since I cannot find the exact quotation right now. Look it up yourself!)

And conversely, "Those who seek to save their lives shall lose it". Certainly the cowards who try to cut deals with the allegator to save their hides are eventually eaten.

Currently, people like George Galloway, who are carrying water for the Islamic Jihadists, are not willing to fight for western Civilization, believing that playing ball with the enemy will save them personally. But a Sheik (and sorry I can't find this citation either) said something to the effect "make friends with them, (meaning us Kuffar)get close to them, so you can kill them!"

The subconscious assumption made by Mr. Galloway is that the Islamists operate under the Christian "Golden Rule"! In its raw essence, if I kiss the butts of the Islamists, they will be nice to me! But that's not the way Islam works!

Islam divides the world in two: Dar al-Islam (world of Submission) and the Dar al-Harb (the world of war). Islam also divides humanity into men and women, and believers and "the Kuffar". Thus, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" does not apply across the divisions. If you are an unbeliever, you must convert or die. If you are a Christian or a Jew, you may have the third option of submitting to the Shari'ah, paying the jizyah, and being humiliated. The fact that you have been kissing butt for awhile, Mr Galloway, doesn't change your option.


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