Tuesday, August 25, 2009

health Care

The idea that health care is a matter of insuring the uninsured is incorrect. In the absence of increasing the supply of health care providers, it only means demand for health care will explode, swamping existing facitities.

A suggestion: remove the choke hold the AMA has on the supply of physicians!
This could be done by certifying many more medical schools in the United States.

Currently, under the guise of "maintaining quality" the AMA chokes off the supply of physicians by refusing to Certify many fine Universities that would like to open medical schools. Granted, no one would like "fly by night medical schools" to sprout up, selling MD degrees for $10,000 and no questions asked. But there are plenty of legitimate Universities that would like to do so, and should not be proscribed from doing so by the AMA.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Health Care Controversy

There are a couple of aspects no one seems to be mentioning. Let me do so now:
1. The real agenda is to create dependency on the Federal Government, and secure the Progressives in power forever.

2. The philosophy for Health Care is the health of the COLLECTIVE body politic. This means the marginalized will be "culled":
a)Old people will be increasingly be denied health care. The Administration has already asserted


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