Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The Pakistani government has turned a significant portion of the country over to the Taliban in order to “restore order …and halt the Taliban advance” (Wall Street Journal April 14, 2009, page 1).

But, according to other accounts,
We'll impose sharia across Pak: Taliban (The Times of India) cleric Sufi Muhammad-led Tehrik Nifaz-I-Shariat-I-Muhammadi (TNSM) and Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan have welcomed imposition of sharia in NWFP's Malakand division, saying the "struggle" would continue to implement Islamic law in other parts of the country.

It’s clear: a “peace treaty” with Islam is like a peace treaty with a cancerous tumor! If it’s not treated, it will continue to grow and kill! What are the implications for US Policy when Pakistan and Afghanistan are united under Taliban rule, as they most certainly will be? Domestically, we face the same problem.

Here, the “Progressives” argue “we’re so strong, we should be able to tolerate a little ‘cancer’!” The trouble is, cancer seldom stays small and benign! Even though the Progressives chant “no operations! They are too painful and expensive”, if the problem isn’t treated, the long term results are certain: life as we know it will be destroyed!

Another aspect: is it a war on terror or resisting Islamic Jihad? This lack of definition is going to be fatal. Jihad can be waged with the mouth, the sword, the pen, and the pocket book. If we restrict resistance to the onslaught of Islamic Jihad only to one of the four, Western Civilization will perish! It makes no sense to send troops to Afghanistan, yet cave in to Jihadist demands here in the United States to accommodate the Shari’a Law! Eliminating pork from school lunch menus, recognizing Muslim holy days in American public schools, Junior College prayer rooms and foot washing stations (which they don’t even have in Syria and Lebanon) are all steps down the road to imposing the Shari’a! How can we be so stupid and suicidal?

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