Saturday, March 25, 2017

Westminster Jihad Nonsense

Having walked across that bridge many times, the attack seems personal. What's appalling is the moronic response by British Authorities!

Are we not sick of the candle light vigils, the moments of silence, and the "We are all Westminster" BS when there is no follow up to address the cause?  Which is Islam and Muslims! Why walk arm and arm singing kumbahyah with the same Imams  (weeping alligator tears) who sent the killers into the society in the first place? It's time to do something about this!
  1. Monitor the Mosques, shut down and kick out and incarcerate the Imams who preach Jihad, and  Death to the Queen (or America in our case) and death to the Jews.
  2. shut down the immigration of hostile Muslim Civilizational Jihadists who come to destroy our society and us, not assimilate
  3. Deport the ones that are here who form hostile enclaves and who absorb billions in welfare and child support and contribute nothing to the host society.

The main obstacle is the false narrative of "moderate Muslims" vs "Extremist Muslims".  This is a false dichotomy: there is only ONE Islam, ONE Jihad, ONE Shari'a Law!  It is the old 'good cop bad cop' ruse writ large!  

The "moderate Muslims" say "oh, let us advise you on how to deal with the extremists".  Their solution is to do nothing, to sit tight and let them kill us, lest we "offend the moderate Muslims". It is a recipe for defeat, death and destruction!  When PM Theresa May said "The attack is not Islamic", it means she buys into this false narrative.

Interestingly enough, current philosophical thought dwells on "narrative": it holds we actually create our reality by our words. Thus, if the truth doesn't conform to the narrative, it must be ruthlessly suppressed to protect the narrative view of reality: to wit, their version of truth itself.  What nonsense!

There is an absolute truth independent of what we think and say.  The earth revolves around the sun no matter what we think. The tree falls in the forest with a tremendous crash regardless of anyone hearing it or not.  Mummy autopsies reveal death by diseases undiscovered and unnamed until millennia later.

American Health Care

The book "How Not To Die" has a lot of good points. It likens American health care to this: if you have a sink that's overflowing, American medicine continually brings in mops and paper towels to clean up the water, but never addresses the cause and turns off the water faucet!

The premise is that a correct diet can reverse most of the major killers in our society, like heart disease and cancer. The problem is this: the medical profession is paid to treat the symptoms with surgery and expensive drugs, not advise people to eat more healthily. Nor is the meat industry and the processed food industry amenable to being eliminated from the American diet. So there is vested interest in continuing to kill people.

The book pointed out many of the ruses the tobacco industry used to foster the falsehood that "smoking isn't inherently bad, only 'excess smoking' ".  They paid Doctors to write such articles, backing up their spurious claim with cherry-picked studies.  Today, the whole plant diet is where non-smoking was in 1959.

It also points out the fraud of Health Insurance: health insurance is not health care. It only funds the vested interests in place today.  And with deductibles of $12,000, that's like not having insurance at all.

 To think that we can heal ourselves by changing what we eat and give the extended middle finder to the cancer wards and the cardiology bypass mills is too good to pass up!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

London Attacks of March 2017

The appalling aspect of the attacks was the remarks of Siddiq Khan, the Mayor of London. He thanked the emergency crews that cleaned up the bodies  for "doing a fine job under the circumstances".  But there was NO condemnation of the perpetrators of the attack, nor was there any resolve to prevent future attacks and protect the citizens of London. The Mayor basically shrugged and dismissed the attacks as "part of life in the big city". He has also announced his intention to bring in a million more Muslims into London, which will increase the Jihad by a factor of 10.

The British elites have remained silent, bought off as they are by the zakat or blackmailed into such by being compromised as part of the various pedophile rings.  The next step is for the Muslims to set up execution squares in the parts of London they control. Then on a regular basis, Brits are kidnapped and brought there for  public beheadings for the amusement of the locals.

Naturally, anyone who objects to or publicizes facts about these public executions will be arrested for bigotry, Islamophobia and  "hate speech".

Friday, March 17, 2017

Hawaiian Judge's Ruling

This Judge ruled that an Imam has a "Constitutional Right to bring in anyone they want."  Is the Judge not familiar with the concept of "Hijra", whereby Muslims flood into a non-Islamic country and take it over?

Here we're bringing in hundreds of thousands of primitive Somalis who will NEVER assimilate, who will NEVER be self-sufficient. They will form enclaves around their Mosques, the Imams of which will preach "Death to America and Death to the Jews". They will send fighters into the community to kill us. 

Yet the Progressives depict this as "Democracy in action" with a picture of the Statue of Liberty restraining the President!  This is cultural suicide!  The phony white liberals take our security and our prosperity for granted. Both will be eventually lost with the tidal wave of aliens that do not share our values.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Spirit of Ameria Rally Feb 27, 2017 CO State Capital

Spirit of America Rally CO State Capital 2/27/17


The False meme is as follows: that there is a "war for the heart of Islam" and our actions determine the outcome! This is the foundation of the "extremist vs. moderate" Muslim ploy. So we are told
  • Oh, you can't tie violence to Islamic Doctrine
  • Oh, you can't call Jihadi attacks Islamic
  • Oh, you can't stop the flood of Jihadi settlers into the country
  • Oh, you can't read Islamic documents and criticize Islam publicly
Because if you do, "the moderates will be offended and you will drive them into the arms of the extremists and they WIN!" 

This is all UTTER NONSENSE!   There is ONE Islam, ONE Shari'a and one Al Azhar University. There are several schools of ahadith, but they all agree on most things, especially on Jihad and treatment of the Kuffar.  There is no "war for the soul of Islam": that was all settled in the 9th Century.

The notion of "moderate" vs. "extremist" is no more than the "good cop bad cop" technique to confuse and badger the subject (in this case the Western host society). This  renders us unable to name the enemy properly and unable to formulate a coherent strategy to defend ourselves against this onslaught by the Global Islamic Movement.  This is what's been going on for the last 20 years!

So you can understand when the new National Security Advisor Gen. McMaster says "attacks are not Islamic", it is a red flag that he buys into this false meme, leaving us right where we were in 2001.  He basically is agreeing with Obama that anything we do to defend our nation is an "insult to Islam" and therefore we shouldn't do it"! With Gen. McMaster in charge, might as well report to the nearest Mosque for our beheading and get it over with.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Is it "hate" to say no?  When the Muslims come here and DEMAND we eliminate Christian holidays, and institute Muslim ones, that we teach Arabic to our school children, that we introduce Halal foods in our public schools, that we shut down liquor stores and night clubs, is it "hate" to say no?

If the snowflakes  upset with President Trump, were to immigrate to Saudi Arabia, what do you think the Saudi King would say to the snowflakes, marching in the streets demanding free apartments in which to cohabitate with their partners? or more welfare and the institution of night clubs in downtown Mecca?  I imagine "chop chop square" in Mecca would be working overtime.

We have no moral obligation to subordinate our civilization to the Islamic invaders, (and that's what they really are! See "The explanatory Memorandum").  The snowflakes  who think we owe everyone in the world the opportunity to come here and live the American Dream are unaware of the Doctrine of Hijra, which is a plan to flood the West with Civilizational Jihadists, overwhelm the society by taking advantage of their na├»ve decency and kindness to legitimate immigrants, and TAKE OVER!


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