Sunday, August 9, 2020

Volunteer Rules

 Rules for volunteer organizations:

  • Work with people that will SHOW and DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY WILL DO!
  • Follow my grandmother's rule of thumb: "A job suggested makes the job yours!"
If you work from these two principles, the odds of success are enhanced manifold!

Friday, August 7, 2020

HCQ vs Vaccines

 An Open Letter to the President

Sir: the vaccines will never come in time to help your campaign!  Recall a vaccine was never developed for SARS, owing to the fact that it takes so long to develop a vaccine. By the time a vaccine is ready, the virus will have mutated to the point  where the vaccine won't work against it.

The only vaccine f*cker Fauci and his Deep State white coats will ever give you is the Bill Gates NWO vaccine designed for depopulation purposes. And remember: the CCP media says "Bill Gates Bats for China!" We can't trust him, nor the Wall Street and Hi Tech collaborators!

The only hope is to use  HCQ  to snuff out the "hot spots" and OPEN THE ECONOMY!  With the millions of layoffs coming, we cannot print enough money to keep things going! If we try, it'll enable the CCP to derail us as the reserve currency and turn us into Argentina or the Weimar Republic!

Please! Bring out the Physicians who can make the case to the American people as to the efficacy of HCQ!  Get the Emergency Use Authorization and flood the hot spots wth HCQ!  Even make it available to those of us who will attend your rallies!   Snuff out the Democrat / Socialist / Communist death and lock-downs and save the Republic!

God Bless

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Post CO*ID

Now that the election is over, and the white fascist racists have been vanquished, we can move to consolidate our position in North America:
  • We can open up the floodgates for illegal aliens, making the US a one party state. Comrades! We can do ANYTHING we f*ing want!
  • To house these brothers and sisters that are coming in, they will replace the white fascist racists in their homes as we go from neighborhood to neighborhood, block to block, home to home, turning them out at gunpoint.  The brothers and sisters are moved in and the white fascist racists move out (to boxcars headed for  Nevada desert "reeducation camps").
  • At these camps, Doctors from the glorious People's Republic of China will treat the Fascists for (or is it with?) new strands of fatal viruses.  With no food, water or sleep for the fascists, we will assure that the transit time from boxcar to mass grave will be as short as possible.  (Our backhoes and bulldozers will be working full time digging the long trench mass graves in the vast desert playas).
  • Confiscating the estates of these 63 million white fascist racists will go a long way to help pay for welfare and healthcare for the new citizens.
  • The funniest thing we hear is white fascists protesting that they are "on our side, and why are you doing this to us?"  But skin color is skin color. That is the determining factor. What you do and what you believe is of no consequence.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Biden Sanders Unity Document

This document is 110 pages, and it sets forth the Democrat platform.  One of the items is open borders and immediate welfare and health care to anyone who walks into the country.  If one objects, the accusation is an un-Christian uncharitable disregard for the poor.

The question is, however, after 300 to 400 million people flood in, who is going to pay for all this?  The cost can be calculated. The country and its citizens have finite resources. The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that an immigrant family costs roughly $6000 per year. If we estimate that a family has 4 people, then 400 million people is 100 million families, which comes out to $2.4 Trillion a year.

Certainly the first thing will do would be amnesty, making America a one party state. Then, after confiscating everyone's firearms, there will be the confiscation of the IRA's and 401k's.  (After all, the $2.4 Trillion has got to come from somewhere!)  And after  burning through all the IRA and 401K  money, what then?

It's safe to say, the object is NOT to "care for the poor" but to ruin the country. Once there is the Cloward-Piven style collapse, 10 million Chinese soldiers in blue helmets will be ushered in to "restore order" and "clean up North America", preparing it for the colonization of 600 million Chinese. [1]  (The running dogs on the Left will have to hope their Chinese Masters will keep their promise to let them live, and not exterminate them along with the rest of the gwai lo).

[1] see  "The Secret Speech of Chi Haotian"

Sunday, July 12, 2020

PoC vs. BIPoC

PoC originally stood for "people of color", or generally people in the United States who were not white.   But the agitators soon figured out a couple of things:

  1. Asians are PoC, yet all the statistics for Asian Americans show they are NOT victims, but in fact do better than the population as a whole.
  2. Nigerians, who are as dark-skinned as they come, assimilate, are financially successful and do well in attaining middle class status.
Both these facts undermine the "victim" narrative of the inner city residents who assert that discrimination owing to their skin color is the reason they have not succeeded.   Solution?  

Rather than retrospection, rather than re-examination of the notion of skin color as the deciding factor owing to evidence to the contrary, the leaders chose group redefinition:  BIPoC!  This means "black indigenous People of Color"!  Better to cull out the successful Asians and Nigerians and wallow undisturbed in  their pure victim-hood.

Eliminating the "White Jesus"?

mwenge wood holy family nativity piece from Congo, Africa | Black ...The sons of the evil one who call for the separation of the head from the body of Christ will fail.  The accuser is the father of lies. In this case, the falsehood is the limitation of skin color.  Europeans interact with a depiction of the Lord that is meaningful to them.  But so do others.  Is not Our Lady of Guadalupe a pregnant Mayan woman? Is not the Holy Family for Nigerian Christians black? Is not the same true of Asian Christians?

In fact, the whole notion of  Maoist "Critical Race Theory" is a pseudo-reality designed to divide, conquer and enslave all of us. Let us not be deceived!

Let us return to the Truth that we are all the sons and daughters of God, which makes us all brothers and sisters in Christ.  Let us reject and cast out these demons who bring death and destruction in the name of a perverted  sense of "Social Justice" which is in reality no such thing.
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church - Official Site | Buckingham, PAAsian Christian Images

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Speculation on Armed Black Groups

If the President does nothing, these groups will start seizing  City Halls, police stations, setting up roadblocks to intimidate soccer moms taking the kids to school. They are trying to FORCE violence against them! Eventually they will start killing people!

If Trump suppresses them, the Communist Groups will howl  "See, Trump is the white supremacist we've said he is!" (All the pictures of armed black thugs will be labeled "False" by Snopes, labeling them photo shopped by "white supremacist groups  to make blacks look bad!!)

The way around might be this:

  • Laws and executive orders against Communism!
  • Start taking down the Marxist groups behind all this! Arrests and speedy military tribunals for the leadership.
  • Start cleaning Communists out  of the Universities and schools
  • Serve the Hungarian warrant for Soros, with the understanding that the information obtained by his "enhanced interrogation" would be shared. Then  shut down his hostile empire.
  • Identify every armed man possible, and arrest them individually  later and charge them with armed insurrection and treason. Again, speedy military tribunal trials.
But this silence by our intimidated  GOP leaders has got to stop! Steps must be done to prevent a full scale insurrection and blood bath.


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