Monday, April 25, 2016

Notes from the Rabbi Hausman address, 21 April 2016 Act for America Dallas, Dallas TX

Many try to compare the Muslim immigration of today with the Jewish immigrations in the 1930’s and 1940’s. But you have to ask the following questions:

1.       Were the Jews terror threats?

2.       Did they make illegal entry?

3.       Was their seeking asylum a threat to the host nations?

4.       The Paris attackers were “Syrian refugees”

5.       Jews were targeted specifically by Nazi ideology and Nazi officials: “Syrian Refugees” are predominantly Muslim, whereas Syrian Christians are excluded, and they are the ones that need asylum the most!

6.       America should admit refugees selectively, not open wide the doors indiscriminately!

7.       We should not abrogate our sovereignty to the UN in the selection of who enters our country.

8.       Where could the Jews go in the 1930’s and 1940’s?  Nowhere!  Whereas, none of the OIC countries are accepting refugees: they are ALL FLOODING INTO THE WEST! WHY IS THAT?

9.       Syrian refugees would be better assimilated to any of the 57 OIC states! 

10.   Jews as a “race”:  to label such is “eugenics”, a discredited psudo-science embraced by the Roosevelt Administration and the Nazis.

11.   Importation of Muslims will lead to importation of Jihadists and violence in the United States. Many of the Somalis from Minnesota and elsewhere are fighting with Al Shabbab and ISIS.

12.   Not all the “Syrian Refugees” are refugees at all! The Islamic State has the capability to print Passports to infiltrate their fighters to the West, as they have bragged.

13.   The fact that 72% of the “refugees” are military age young men indicates this is NOT refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war, but making Hijra for Allah with the intent to conquer the West. They come to destroy us, not build our society and assimilate into it.

14.   When Jews resettled, they had to have sponsoring families through "Jewish Family Services"  and did not begin feeding at the public trough.  Muslim groups tend to be fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood to wage Jihad and allow the "refugees" to be dumped on public assistance, (part of the strategy to overwhelm our government).

15.   90% of Muslim “refugees” are on food stamps! They consider it “the Jizya”, a tax owed to superior Muslims by the subjugated Kuffar!

16.   “Root Cause”?  It is NOT the war!  It is Islamic ideology of HIJRA for ALLAH!  These people intend to destroy us and establish an Islamic State in North America! It isn’t “racism” and “bigotry” to defend our lives and our civilization!


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Economic Speculation on Hitler's Birthday, 2016

Economic rule of thumb:  America innovates, the Chinese steal, and the Europeans sue! Scott Galloway of NYU's Stern School of Business remarked that there is more innovation capitalization within a bike ride of Stanford, Berkeley and Columbia Universities than in all of Europe since WW II. This of course isn't "fair".  The EU's latest complaint against Google is a case in point. To the EU, merely having a predominant market share makes you "guilty" automatically. You must, therefore, surrender market share to local European companies (who were instrumental in petitioning the EU in the first place!).

If European societies lag in innovation, Islamic societies are a joke! I saw a post on Face Book where a Muslim man had committed suicide to "protest the lack of Nobel Prizes given to Muslims!"  Sorry Ahmed, it'll take more than that to breed innovation into Islamic Doctrine! Same can be said with Black Lives Matter whining about "the white Oscars"!  The minute prizes are passed  out according to politically correct ratios, the prestige of the Prizes will go into the toilet!

Galloway also remarked that the "creative destruction" of jobs is taking place so rapidly that there is no way for society to cope  in a reasonable manner. I witnessed Southern California go from an aerospace manufacturing based economy in the 1960's to today's tech, but it's taken 50 years!

The solution Professor Galloway proposed is to pay people the difference between the job they can get compared to the job they lost. In 1971, I saw Aerospace engineers who were making $80K a year go to flipping hamburgers at $20K per year. Many lost their homes, cars, and marriages.   This, I might add, is the appeal of Mr. Trump to those of us in the middle class which is being rapidly wiped out.

Everyone knows the hypocrisy of the person who brays about American jobs but still will pick blue jeans made in China over the custom ones from Lands End. But if we drill down, there are moral implications to moving manufacturing from America to  factories in China owned by Chinese Generals using slave labor!

So what will our society look like in 50 years? Our tradition of innovation depends on freedom of thought. One of Obama's "fundamental change" in America is political correctness, which is stifling freedom and, ultimately, innovation. Thus, Venture Capital will be awarded not to good ideas but to those who meet the politically correct criterion.

One can see a growing government elite in partnership with the small ultra wealthy international business elite. Small business and entrepreneurship will be crushed by regulations, as we see taking place today with the CFPB. It destroys businesses with massive fines to fund their bureaucracy using the excuse of "protecting the consumer". One horror story: a medium sized mortgage company was audited. The CFBP thought their disclosure form was in non-compliance and fined the company $20 million, which put both the company and its owner  into bankruptcy. The CFPB is like a shark making passes through a school of small fish.

Then there's immigration. If we flood America with another 10 to 30 million semi-literate welfare dependent people with no Judaeo-Christian tradition, the savings and capital base of the country will be confiscated and converted to sewage emanating from welfare housing projects by a  collectivist one Party State. What we can see is a future America with no middle class.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Secretary of the OSCE on NAFTA (&How the American worker gets forked)

Jose Angel Gurria, Secretary General of the OSCE was on Bloomberg Surveillance on 29 March. Here's what he said about NAFTA:

  • Take Canadian raw materials
  • Take American Capital
  • Add Mexican cheap labor
and you put together an economic powerhouse. Do you notice the huge gaps? What about the millions of American workers who lose their jobs?  His cursory answer was "retraining".  Retraining 100 million people to do what?

Who profits?  The same Establishment elite owners of the multinationals that minimize costs by automated mines that have few employees. Then use semi-slave Mexican workers who live on the edge of poverty and work for the Petrones who contract with the multinational corporations.  Then of course Nabisco can say "we absolutely do not employ child labor" (because the Patrones are the front for them).

And as far as American workers are concerned, there will be a boom in reeducation camp building and massive training programs for guards and mobile execution van operators. After all, the UN Agenda 21 has determined that there are "excess products of conception who no longer have a useful place in the world". All they need to do is confiscate their pesky firearms!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter, 2016: Saved or Redeemed?

Christ is risen! The tomb is empty!  This is not just some sort of religious event significant only to Christians, but a cosmic event that affects everything!

Since the "Big Bang", we have observed certain rules: the cyclical nature of life; the birth and death of everything, from microbes to the stars. But ten or so billion years into it, a different rule was manifest: a resurrection! To come back from the dead was a real game changer! Molecules were changed! Clotted blood flowed again in capillaries.  Arteries were repaired. Warmth returned. Not only is this hope for us who live today, but for the world itself!

The promise of  Christ to us personally for a reprieve from this cycle of life and death  also applies to the earth itself.   The "inevitable" cycle of the sun eventually enveloping the earth in a fiery extinction may not be so.

But there's this: when Jesus was on the cross, he cried out "my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"   But God was silent.  After 9-11, I witnessed a woman on Fox News lamenting "how could God let this happen!"   The answer: the resurrection! God was silent when his son was on the cross. But Jesus was REDEEMED by his Father after the crucifixion.

Many of our Christian evangelist friends view the existential threat of Islam to our civilization dismissively.  They say "God will save us"!  Not so!  God is silent now as he was when His son was on the cross.  God did not "save" Jesus from crucifixion, nor will he save the United States and Western Civilization from the Sword of Islam.  God will not save us from our own folly and stupidity!

St. Augustine said in effect "We need to work as though everything depended on us, but pray to know God is in control".  Understand that Islam is salivating to "kill the Kuffar"!  ISIS is seriously contemplating the necessity of  eliminating 500 million people to establish their Caliphate. And Islam has done it before. The Mughal Sultanate in medieval India butchered an estimated 80 million Hindus. Considering the weight of history over the centuries, can we really believe our good friend Ahmed who says "oh no, it'll be all different this time, so go back to sleep"?

The ancient Israelites thought they were "bullet proof" owing to "God in their Temple". The prophets kept telling them that God had departed the Temple, and that they needed to change their ways and return to God or destruction beckoned.

They ignored the prophets, and suffered the destruction of their Temple, massive butchery and a humiliating and painful exile.  They have survived only as a faithful remnant over the centuries.

Is not America in the same place today? Do we not think we are "bullet proof" because "we're the most powerful country in the world"?  Is not the West ignoring our prophetic warnings about Islam?  Do not our leaders ignore and ridicule those of us who warn of the impending disaster?  Do not our leaders appear to be in league with the Muslims who are striving daily to destroy us, yet we are complacent and return them to office?

 Maybe the Evangelists need to contemplate"redemption for the remnant" more fully?

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Advanced Drops of the Coming Rain

The Jihad groups have labeled the Paris and San Bernardino attacks as "Advanced Drops of the Coming Rain" against the West. The latest  Jihad attack in Bruxelles is a manifestation of this. The ISIS communique solemnly labels the attack as a retaliation for our "killing their women and children"( and more than likely for arresting Salah Abdelam, the Jihadi involved in the Paris attack last year).  But this is such rank hypocrisy!

The Jihadis routinely attack civilian infrastructure facilities (a war crime) and embed their military assets amongst the civilian population (another war crime!).  If their women and children are killed, it is not our fault but theirs. And by the way, the Jihad groups are not signatories to the Geneva Convention. The Marxist lawyers who continually accuse us for not obeying these restrictions need to cross the line and petition Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi instead of us.

Though European leaders vow "unrelenting war against terror", they still have zero strategy.They still  fail to grasp the broad scope of the Global Islamic Movement (GIM), which includes not only the Jihad groups but the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Islamic nations, the Da'wa groups such as the British Muslim Association, CAIR, and the entire Muslim populations residing in and flooding into the West.

Every entity is on the same page when it comes to their goals: to Islamize the West and to destroy the State of Israel.  To believe that "all Muslims are moderate and the 'violent extremists' are a fringe element" is calculated deception.  Jihad against the unbelievers (the Kuffar) is a 1400 year old Qur'anic mandate, not a reaction to our policies in the Middle East.

This is why it's fruitless and moronic to "reach out to the Muslim community" for help in finding these terrorists. It should be no surprise when the community conceals these people, as happened in Brussels.

It's time for the West to understand that Islam has declared Jihad against us with the intent to destroy our civilization and establish an Islamic society. No amount of moronic dialogue and outreach will change this goal. Rather than these wimpy candle light vigils and slogans saying "Je Suis Brussels" we need to start closing Mosques and deporting Muslims.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


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