Sunday, October 4, 2015


Another dimension in the OSCE Conference were screens displaying the Tweets concerning the Conference itself.  In reponse to one of my presentations, an angry Tweet from CCIF (Collectif Contre l'lslamphobie en France) demanded that "I read the definition of Islamphobia!" 

There is no definition of Islamophobia save the ones defined by the self-defined Islamic groups such as CCIF.  In fact, in one of the side events two years ago, Bashy Quarishi of EMISCO stated "We can define Islamophobia any way we want!" That may be true, but these groups cannot then proceed to impose their definition on non-believers with impunity.

Comparing their definition with the "Grand Memorandum" one can map each step of their strategy to their definition of Islamophobia.  Thus, if you talk about their demographic strategy, or their infiltration, or if you quote violent Suras, you are an "Islamophobe". 

A working definition of the word from our point of view is anyone who talks about or opposes the strategy of Islamization of Western society.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sept 30, 2015 OSCE Conference, Warsaw

Session 14 today on  Tolerance and freedom of religion.

We have a consistent effort to change the language and the definition of terms to enable the Progressive governments can shut down freedoms.

Lots of reference to "combating extremism", another undefinable term.  It's very important that everyone understand Islamic Doctrine. If one doesn't understand the Doctrine, any effort to oppose their Jihad against the dar al-Harb seems like "religious oppression".  That's by design.

Astounded by the large number of young single women at the Conference. No wonder the 40 some married diplomats get in trouble. Having to go to Conference to Conference, away from home, bored and lonely, the temptation to "make friends" would be substantial.

Anti Immigration Tyranny

It shows how desperate and alienated the elitist German government is from the people it claims to represent.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

29 Sept 2015 OSCE Conference in Warsaw

Things we've learned:  At Fredrick Chopin Airport here in Warsaw, Muslims are flying in and paying cabs to drive them to Germany for 4000 euros.  It doesn't sound like penniless war refugees to me.

The German government is persecuting people for questioning Angela Merkel's policies.  Jail time, confiscation of homes and pensions, the works. Also, German citizens being evicted from public housing to make room for immigrants.

At the EMISCO side event, hardly anyone showed. I counted 20 people or so. But when you subtract all the members of the Muslim groups and the press, there was only us and a couple of others. When I was here two years ago, it was standing room only at their side event.

Bashi Quarashi's main EMISCO plan is to work with the Universities to instill "universal values" instead of "European values" by indoctrinating the next generation of students. What values are those? Not hard to imagine:

The push to fight "Islamophobia, Xenophobia, Racism, discrimination, LGBT rights" etc.It really boils down to destabilizing Judeo-Christian values and the right to define yourself.  If:
You are a Patriot, you're a "nationalist"
If you are a believing Christian, you're a "fundamentalist"
If you believe in marriage between one man and one woman, you "hate LGBT" people and are thus a "hater"!
If you are a veteran, you are a "violent extremist" because you believed in the old "Red White and Blue", enlisted and deployed overseas to "fight"! Remember: in the Soros moral relativist cultural equivalent world, anyone who believes in ANYTHING is suspect! Remember: there is no truth, no right or wrong, it's only a matter of subjective interpretation. No borders, no nationalities, no middle class, just one big world community living in Stalinist block house rabbit warrens by train stations,  (with Soros in charge behind the scenes, of course!)

The name of the game is: the more vague the definition of the Laws, the wider the latitude of the bureaucrats to deprive the population of their liberties! Take a look at how "Speech codes" on University campuses have metastasized into Orwellian monsters!  People are persecuted for asking someone "what time is it?"  (if they were underprivileged and didn't have a watch, they'd be offended!)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Afternoon of Sept 28th

Went to the Sofitel to get our OSCE Credentials. Then we adjourned for dinner. It seems this is the key:  All this blather about "Fighting against racism, xeniohobia fascism and nationalism" is to erase national identities and remove people's ability to define themselves. Thus

Anyone who is outraged by the excesses Muslim settlers in Europe, such as rape, trashing the countryside, brutalizing the locals and other Christian refugees is a "racist and xenophobe".

If you call yourself an American or Pole, you're a "nationalist nativist".  What the EU elites and the George Soros backers want is a "new international order, "open borders" where European culture is obliterated and a new Progressive society, (with the Elites in charge of course) can built from scratch.

The sad thing is the Pope is going along with it.  When he says "Jesus" what comes out is Karl.


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