Monday, April 10, 2017

Syrian Invasion?

If the rumors of 150,000 US Troops to "topple Assad and take out ISIS" are accurate, we are heading into another quagmire from which there will be no honorable exit.

The troops will immediately be handcuffed for fear of civilian casualties, and beset and discredited by the Mainstream Media and the Islamist propagandists. It will get so bad that the military will probably implement the policy of sending our guys out on patrol unarmed so "the Syrian people will know we are friendly" (as proposed, no doubt, by some overweight minority female Colonel in the Pentagon that's never been in the field). And our guys will die like flies.......

So, ten thousand lives and six trillion dollars later, we will have nothing to show for our efforts, except a demoralized and weakened military and a bankrupted country, (which is the globalist plan all along, to be executed by McCain, McMasters and Senator Schumer to name a few).

I wasn't expecting Trump to be sucked in on this globalist agenda that makes him an Obama successor.

false flags

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Resurrection

The  Gospel today was the raising of Lazarus, certainly a tough miracle to accept for the modern secularist.  "Lord he's been dead for four days. By now there is a stench".  The raising of Lazarus prefigured the Passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus himself. But as St Paul says, "If Jesus is not raised, our faith is in vain". So we have faith!

Prosperity Preaching: this is the cruelest aspect of  TV  Evangelests. It has the followers believing that if they "perform", they will be rewarded.  So if things don't work out, you must be doing something wrong!  The book of Job should have laid that to rest millennia ago!

When Jesus told his disciples  that it was difficult for the rich to enter heaven, they marveled, exclaiming "who then can be saved?" Judaism of the day taught that the wealthy were so because they enjoyed divine favor.

Christianity teaches us we must "take up the cross" and follow Jesus. That's a far cry from doing everything according to the law and having a comfortable life on earth. No, it means we're nailed to a cross either figuratively or literally, and we have faith in the resurrection and eternal life.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

London attack of March 22, 2017

Headlines announcing "Militant had no ties to terrorists organizations" are distressing to say the least.  Abu Musab al-Suri, having survived the attacks made on the training camps in Afghanistan in 2001, realized that a hierarchical structure for Jihad organizations would always be dismantled by security services. He thus devised the strategy of “individual Jihad” which is in use today. (See “A Terrorist’s Call to Global Jihad”).

Online publications, such as “Inspire” and “Dabiq”, provide ideology, training, encouragement and target selection for Jihadis world-wide. Currently the Magazines encourage the use of readily available vehicles and knives as weapons for attacks, as we have seen in London and elsewhere.  ISIS did, in fact, claim responsibility for the success of “the blessed attacks in London”.

 Authorities should derive meager comfort from finding no overt ties to Jihad organizations: this is as intended by Abu Musab al-Suri.

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Westminster Jihad Nonsense

Having walked across that bridge many times, the attack seems personal. What's appalling is the moronic response by British Authorities!

Are we not sick of the candle light vigils, the moments of silence, and the "We are all Westminster" BS when there is no follow up to address the cause?  Which is Islam and Muslims! Why walk arm and arm singing kumbahyah with the same Imams  (weeping alligator tears) who sent the killers into the society in the first place? It's time to do something about this!
  1. Monitor the Mosques, shut down and kick out and incarcerate the Imams who preach Jihad, and  Death to the Queen (or America in our case) and death to the Jews.
  2. shut down the immigration of hostile Muslim Civilizational Jihadists who come to destroy our society and us, not assimilate
  3. Deport the ones that are here who form hostile enclaves and who absorb billions in welfare and child support and contribute nothing to the host society.

The main obstacle is the false narrative of "moderate Muslims" vs "Extremist Muslims".  This is a false dichotomy: there is only ONE Islam, ONE Jihad, ONE Shari'a Law!  It is the old 'good cop bad cop' ruse writ large!  

The "moderate Muslims" say "oh, let us advise you on how to deal with the extremists".  Their solution is to do nothing, to sit tight and let them kill us, lest we "offend the moderate Muslims". It is a recipe for defeat, death and destruction!  When PM Theresa May said "The attack is not Islamic", it means she buys into this false narrative.

Interestingly enough, current philosophical thought dwells on "narrative": it holds we actually create our reality by our words. Thus, if the truth doesn't conform to the narrative, it must be ruthlessly suppressed to protect the narrative view of reality: to wit, their version of truth itself.  What nonsense!

There is an absolute truth independent of what we think and say.  The earth revolves around the sun no matter what we think. The tree falls in the forest with a tremendous crash regardless of anyone hearing it or not.  Mummy autopsies reveal death by diseases undiscovered and unnamed until millennia later.


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