Thursday, February 23, 2017


Is it "hate" to say no?  When the Muslims come here and DEMAND we eliminate Christian holidays, and institute Muslim ones, that we teach Arabic to our school children, that we introduce Halal foods in our public schools, that we shut down liquor stores and night clubs, is it "hate" to say no?

If the snowflakes  upset with President Trump, were to immigrate to Saudi Arabia, what do you think the Saudi King would say to the snowflakes, marching in the streets demanding free apartments in which to cohabitate with their partners? or more welfare and the institution of night clubs in downtown Mecca?  I imagine "chop chop square" in Mecca would be working overtime.

We have no moral obligation to subordinate our civilization to the Islamic invaders, (and that's what they really are! See "The explanatory Memorandum").  The snowflakes  who think we owe everyone in the world the opportunity to come here and live the American Dream are unaware of the Doctrine of Hijra, which is a plan to flood the West with Civilizational Jihadists, overwhelm the society by taking advantage of their na├»ve decency and kindness to legitimate immigrants, and TAKE OVER!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Phil Haney's Translation of the AMJA Fatwa

4 February 2017
Friends and family:
These are “deep dive” documents that show the theological depths of the Muslim plan to take down the West, and how critical times are for Western Civilization. In a WW II analogy, we are approaching our “Battle of Midway” where we either start turning the tide, or we perish!
Flooding the West with Muslim “immigrants” (invaders is a much better and more accurate term) is key to their strategy. President Trump’s interference is causing “calamity” to their strategy, and the whole Global Islamic Movement is being rallied to resist!
Here is the link to the enemy AMJA document:
Here is Phil Haney’s breakdown of what it is saying. I would recommend printing them both out, and then going back and forth as Phil explains every paragraph and every Islamic reference. It is frightening!
My synopsis of the significance is this: building the wall to start securing our borders is quintessential to our survival.  It is of Biblical import. I would reference Nehemiah 2:17 and onwards to remind ourselves that this has all happened before.
The riots at the Milo talk in Berkeley recently is only a taste of what the Progressive / Muslim combine will to to impede the construction! Building the wall will be a military operation in every sense.  We need only recall Nehemiah 4:10, when Nehemiah states “From that time on, however, only half my workforce took hand in the work, while the other half, armed with spears, bucklers, bows and breastplates, stood guard behind the whole house of Judah as they rebuilt the wall.”
Even after the wall is built, the smuggling efforts will only shift to other areas. Protecting America from Hijra will be a long-term struggle that will last generations! I foresee the necessity of strengthening border defenses along the Canadian border and the seacoasts. Redeploying military forces from overseas to our domestic borders will become necessity.
May the Lord be with us in this existential struggle.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Counter Terrorism? Nonsense! It's Counter Jihad!

All the programs in the Denver area stress "counter terrorism", yet they try to do so "without violating the Civil Rights of the Muslim community".  What nonsense!

There has been over 30 thousand attacks by Islamic Jihad groups since Sept 11, 2001, yet the apologists continually refer to "the Christian Terrorist Timothy McVeigh with his bomb attack in 1995" as a moral equivalent. One to thirty thousand? Does that seem equivalent?  I don't think so!

The next thing the apologists say is "well, not all Muslims are terrorists", and CAIR assures us "they are out partners in fighting terrorism."  It's all part of the definitions and the ideology:
  • Islam defines "terrorism" as "killing Muslims without right".  The only "right" to kill Muslims is for apostasy and adultery. As far as killing the Kuffar in attacks of Jihad, that's Qur'anically sanctioned.
  • To say "not all Muslims are terrorists" doesn't help. The Muslim community does not assist law enforcement in apprehending "the fringe of violent Jihadis".  The reason is Jihad is a an act of the highest piety. Suras 5 and 9 were revealed last, which means under the principle of abrogation, they have preference.  The tolerant "early Suras" have been superseded or abrogated!
The next absurdity is the authorities striving to conceal the facts about the attacks of Islamic Jihad. Remember during the Orlando attack the government edited the Police 911 transcript of the attacker declaring allegiance to the Islamic State. They suppressed the fact the attacker was shouting "Allahu Akbar" as he fired and killed 49 people!

The notion that if we hold the Islamic community responsible for Islamic Jihad it will somehow make things worse is a flawed logic encouraged by the Muslim Brotherhood. Their thesis is the Jihadis have "hijacked" a peaceful Islam and  are trying to get validation. And if we tie violence to Islam the "extremists" somehow "win". But this is not the truth.

Violence is inextricably linked to Islam.  Over 163 Suras of Jihad in the Qur'an attest to that fact. To self-delude ourselves to think otherwise will only hasten our demise.  It's time to deal with the truth. It will set us free!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Biker Gangs Defend Freedom

It's a sad state of affairs when society has to depend on Biker Gangs to defend itself. The Globalists must be stopped in liquidating the West, trashing our society with Muslim Civilizational Jihadists.


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